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Seven things we like to promise you

Our company’s unique and the biggest advantage is that “we can do the job which benefits you” In other words, we can make your business grow bigger and more stable, solve your problems, make up for the skill that you don’t have, and at finally achieve your goal

Raijin Marketing Japan President

Raijin Marketing Japan
President Akio Nasu

Now Japanese media is experiencing a big transition. The good time of the real media (TV, radio, newspaper and magazine, which used to be called 4 biggest media) is now a thing of the past. People’s interest has been shifting to the new Internet media which is mainly SNS (social network service, such as Twitter, Facebook and LINE etc). Such media’s multifariousness and transitional quickness has been increasing its speed and people can’t handle all the information they receive. As a result, the ad’s responses which we receive from each media become very slow. I guess that you are the one who knows much about this fact. Such a quick change, which is happening in the world will never stop. In Japan, as the population ages and fewer babies are born, no matter how big the companies are, if they don’t get customers they will have no choice but to go bankrupt easily.

This is the way the business world is these days. In other words, companies which can’t get customers more efficiently than their rival companies are destined to be out of the race one after another. I’m not exaggerating this at all. People are really in such a situation. In a chaotic business environment, you must be feeling anxious about not getting customers, or feeling that you are getting stuck in a dead end etc…..I know this feeling is quite normal and understandable for the company owners who have to survive in this world. I know that’s why you found this webpage. It is a sign that now you have started to be aware of the fact that what you can do to survive in such a difficult business environment on your own is limited. But despite a lot of company owners starting to get a sense of danger, they think “Things will work out” and they don’t move into action. So they are just sitting back as an onlooker and watching the worsening situation. Why are there a lot of companies like this? The number of company owners who get too scared of taking more risks and actions has increased, because they have tasked this job to such fake professionals and they didn’t get satisfying results, but instead just ended up spending a lot of money in the past. To help your business growth, normally it is possible to start with spending a minimum amount on a steady basis and increases your sales by attracting new customers efficiently and then increase the repeat customers.

For our company to be a “real professional” which you can leave the job to with peace of mind, we have outlined our policy “Seven promises with you” as below. This is also our proof of sincerity, and you will know what the real trustable advertising company is……

  1. We will try our best to attract new customers as it takes priority, and try finding a strategy for increasing repeat customers efficiently. This is the most important thing. Because, even if you get new customers, if they don’t increase steadily, your business in the future won’t really work. Depending on if you find and implement an accurate strategy or not, your company’s fate will be different. We have unwavering confidence based on our great deal of experiences and actual achievements. Please feel free to ask us anything.

  2. We will stand on your side and do our best to reduce waste in your company’s ongoing advertising and promotional costs. We have 18 years of actual experience in the advertising industry, so we know very well about the market rate of the ads in general. We are able to make a good judgment on the market rate based on our achievements, and that’s why we can offer cheap ads. However, depending on the amount of cost that we could reduce, even after you pay the amount to our company, you will be able to keep using our service without increasing your company’s spending.

  3. We will show you the advertising method and media with which you can get new customers efficiently. We have validation results of various ads, so it is possible to reduce wasteful investment and time, as we keep looking for a suitable method and media for your product, as much as possible while testing.

  4. We can give you advice on specific methods (advertising tactics) of choosing appropriate ads and media, creation of the ad which will increase responses, reducing the ads’ expense effectively and getting media to introduce your product without spending money etc. Other management and business consultants usually don’t have this knowhow, but we can do a higher level job than any other advertising company based on our 18 years of actual experience and achievements in this industry.

  5. We can give you advice on your total plans (marketing tactics) for establishing a mechanism which can boost sales as necessary for business growth and security. Advertising companies don’t usually have this knowhow, but we can work with our skill which is as good as the management and business consultants or even better, based on our actual achievements as consultants.

  6. As for the creation of the ad that is the most important factor and will affect the response, we will ask for your specific requests and target value first, and then investigate the customers’ advantages and benefits. After this, we will focus on increasing the number of orders as much as possible. Also, we will work on the ad till we can be sure that we can get a response from it. We are proud that we’ve surely achieved actual results in the creation of direct response ads (ads where we aim to sell products directly to the customers), so we can provide more effective ads.¥

  7. To fulfill our commitments as mentioned above, unless we receive your genuine request, we won’t attempt any solicitation. By taking the same stance as you, we think we can make objective judgments for the purpose of business security and growth. Only after numerous meetings, we can come to an understanding with each other, and we will make suggestions about advertising for the first time. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t business-minded. It is because we only focus on “your merit”

Our company has a stronger will than any other company and we want to achieve your performance goal for the future and the result as we expected with the least budget possible, and to make this happen, we also have hands-on experiences and achievements that we’ve been accumulating. We will minimize your risk, increase your profit as much as possible, and advise you on how to attract customers, how to improve your business performance, how to create ads and how to choose advertising media etc. We will extract only the merits of advertising companies and management / business consultants and inform you more clearly.

Well, after visiting our website and if you understand how important the ads are (this means attracting customers efficiently) and what the ads can do, and if you have gotten interested in the knowledge and knowhow that our company has, please contact us here. We will choose and offer our service which is the most necessary for you presently. We want you to experience the difference in the level compared to the other advertising and consulting companies. Your business may be in the category that we aren’t good at, and in some cases, we may have to say that we can’t take you on as a client. However, in any case, we will do our best to find a possibility and respond to you with sincerity. Please tell us about your strong will that you wish for your company’s prosperity. We will respond to your earnest thought with sincerity.

Raijin Marketing Japan
President Akio Nasu