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We will continue to support you by following these seven steps


Please tell us all about you and your thoughts, problems and worries that you have in your business activities in Japan as well as about your goal. Details about your product or service, and the budget and delivery date etc. After we hear your expectation, we will faithfully make a decision about whether we can help you or not. This is the first important process for us to get the result we aim for by taking advantage of our great deal of experiences and actual achievements. Please openly tell us everything.

Marketing (create the mechanism that can boost sales)

Creating the mechanism that can boost sales is a fundamental process for increasing sales. So, we will investigate/verify the ways to create the mechanism. We will consider which market in Japan we will focus on, what method and what message we will use to attract customers etc. Then we will try to find a way to increase customers and sales in a short term based on our great deal of experience. For doing this, we are required to know the full details about your product or service. In some cases, we even use your product or service to find out more. In addition, we actually collect customers’ voices (customers who actually bought your product or service) etc and focus on creating an outline of the perfect mechanism that can boost sales (marketing).


When we establish the mechanism that boosts your sales, we will move on to the planning phase. A matter which we will focus on the most in this phase is “How we can achieve your goal with the minimum cost and time”. We have 18 years of experience of creating a great number of ads for newspapers, radio, TV, magazine, Internet, flyers, free papers, marketing promotional goods and so on. That’s why we know everything about which media we should use for getting effective results and cheaper prices. We can offer the cost effective advertising media and promotional goods etc at cheaper price. Also, as for the ads that can be critical for the company’s future, we do our best to create them. We do thorough research to find out the method and approach which make customers feel like buying your product, including about how many orders we can expect from one ad…(how many customers will visit your shop or place an order, make enquiries and so on). We suggest creating the ad where you can see its effect clearly.

Setting a budget

When all the direction is decided, the next thing is to plan the budget. In this process, we do our best to negotiate the price to be as small as possible with the media company. Also as for the ad, we create the most effective one with which we give priority to the good balance between “effectiveness which we expect and cost”. We don’t suggest any of the ad spots with which only advertising companies’ get “profit” We aren’t like the other advertising companies which always suggest to make a long term contract and large ad spots for which they don’t care about the effectiveness. Our company’s policy is to set a budget from the customers’ standpoint. We always discuss this with you till we both agree, so you don’t have to worry about your budget setting.


For example, there are many so-called millionaires even if they don’t have good academic background. On the other hand, a lot of people who graduate from top universities don’t always become millionaires. The reason is because it doesn’t depend on the academic background but the individual’s way of life. People are never able to measure their lives only by their academic background. In fact, advertising in Japan is the same. Regardless of how excellent the advertising media is, if the ad (that the advertising company creates) doesn’t make customers feel like buying the product and take action, the response of the ad will drop sharply. The ad itself which determines the response is the most important factor. This is our hard and fast rule with which we have been working for 18 years in the advertising industry. We listen to your demand and try creating the ad which makes your Japanese customers feel like they must buy the product (the ad which can get the response that you expect) Our company has created more than 10,000 ads from preparing documents for the print media, creating a landing page on the Internet and websites, to creating materials for TV, radio and infomercials. So you're in good hands. Even if you already have the ad that was created by someone else or have another contractor, we can still help you to be sure of getting a response from your ad till you become satisfied.


When the ad that will be placed in media is completed, you may feel relieved. But actually it hasn’t finished yet. Japanese media companies (newspaper, TV, radio, magazine and so on) will review the ad (examine the draft). This is an unavoidable process whenever we place an ad on real media. Upmost attention is required especially for the products which have a connection with the pharmaceutical affairs law, such as supplements or cosmetics etc. In fact, the higher the number of issues and viewing rate are, the stricter the criteria of the examination is. The more effective the ads are, the harder the examination will be. So, as for the ads which are actually good in the expression for attracting customers, we have no choice but to change it to the “mediocre ad”. We consider ach media company’s examination criteria but tenaciously try to negotiate with them, and make an effort to pass the examination with the minimum changes. So the ad doesn’t lose the effectiveness. If the ad isn’t effective, there is no point in placing it on the media. Japanese ordinal advertising companies often say yes to the media company because they think that the examination process is troublesome. But don’t worry, our company never forces you to adopt such an ad which contains expression where we can’t expect the effectiveness.


We are proud of having a good track record while experiences of failure and success in the Japanese advertising industry for the last 18 years. We have confidence in our ability to show results with which our clients can be satisfied. However, even if we choose an effective advertising media and create the best ad, it is true that sometimes we can’t get the effective result which we expect. It can happen to everyone who works in this industry, therefore we work hard not to waste your money. Not even 1 yen (1 cent). Even if we choose the media from which we can expect to get a response, we try to minimize the risk you take by offering you smaller and cheaper ad spots. We will do the test over and over and carry out research till we can get the response that you can be satisfied with. We are sure that we can increase your sales and customers by going through these secure processes without skipping any.

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